The Urban Cork Wine Club is a new club that gives you the Southern Oregon experience. With over 60 varietals, we have everything you’re looking for in one convenient location. 4 releases each year will ensure that your taste for wine never goes unsatisfied. Come enjoy the other perks of joining the club, and save 10-15% off wine, merchandise, and gift baskets, gain access to members-only events and exclusive wines, come talk with the winemaker during barrel tastings, and so much more. We currently offer three clubs to choose from.

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Come get the true Southern Oregon experience with
The Urban Cork Wine Club. You won’t want to miss this!

Winemaker's Pick

The Winemaker’s pick is hand-selected, by Linda Donovan —a case of wines that you won’t want to miss.

  • Catch a new release, or even an exclusive one.

  • Bring your friends for tastings, get great discounts on every-thing we sell in store or on line

  • Enjoy our exclusive events.

Comparison Club

In the Comparison Club, you’ll get access to hand-picked bottles for you to compare: 

  • Two different Pinot noirs

  • Two Tempranillos

  • Two Syrahs

Tell us what you think!

Member's Choice


  • You’ll get the unique experience of choosing 6 wines out of our available offerings with your club discount.

  • Don’t want to pick them out yourself? No problem, we will hand select them for you, and send an amazing selection.


Want us to ship your wine to you? Not a problem if you live in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, or Missouri.  We will continue working to provide service to other states over time. Do you have a state in mind you’d like to see added to this list? Give us a shout out on our contact form or when you visit the tasting room. We do charge for shipping to these states based on what we pay for materials and shipping cost. Price quotes are available upon request.